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Here are some of many clients we have worked with in the past. From all genres and styles we can accommodate you in many diffrent ways. 

Dixie Chicks

This live DVD/CD earned a Grammy in 2002 for the Best Country PErformance by a group or Duo. As one of the engineers on the record, I also earned a grammy for this record.

Set It Off

I had the privalage to work with some of the finest talent in the industry while in Los Angeles. Gladys Knight, Brandy, Chaka Khan and Tamia were some of the noteworthy artist in the studio.


I had the privelage to work with Selena on her CD, Amor Prohibido as a session vocalist.

Marvin Sapp

As one of the leading gospel artist, Marvis Sapp was a joy to work with while Los Angeles, CA. I was one of the assistant engineers at Yab Yum Studios. Owned by Babyface. The studio was the old Lion Share studios 

CBC/Josh Lopez

Josh Lopez Cd was recorded and mixed locally in San Antonio, Texas. I was one of the guitarist for the record. The track your hearing is recroded and produced here at Studio50.

Abbi Walker

Abbi Walker's new CD Feisty is a fantastic testiment to great musicians, great songs and lots of hard work can pay off. Listen for pedal steel work by Lloyd Maines. 

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